Hit List

Who are our "Elite Targets" you ask. Well that's for you to decide!

We'll post a poll for you regular MeDolls out there to vote, and choose who we expose. After each hit, we'll add a new name,

By the way, if any of you possible marks down there, want to persuade us you're not just another money-sucking famewhore, feel free to contact us.

COMING UP NEXT! : Poll Majority Winner...
Future Possible Marks?

• .Marcela..
• WriteMaryCat
• Doinker_Chic
• Tylerisbold
• Style_Magazine
• devie44
• bluegreen86
• FindurLove
• Hunnigall
• mysecketlover
• Star_Awards
• BrunoExclusive/kxcatarinaxk
• Noelle_Page
• SaltyDan
• Lizs


* ForeverGorgeous, Brit-On-Me & GothRibbon have been excluded from this list because they were the few elites who proved our theory wrong