Monday, January 24, 2011

Dear Miss_LolitaF

The History and Following of the Biggest Famewhore in Stardoll History
Miss_LolitaF, perhaps one of the most well known cyber Elites of our time. In other words, the largest famewhore known to mankind. But most people, for some reason (blinded by a desperate desire for cyber fame) can't seem to grasp that this is true.
So to prove Lolita's true ways, let's take a look at a "brief" summary of her work here in cyberspace...

Now, before I start this little bio of Lolita's cyber adventures, let me start by saying one thing.

I hate this. I don't want to post about Lolita, because FOR ONCE I feel like she might possibly be fading away. But, unfortunately, the people want to hear about Lolita, as she was quickly the highest polled Elite to be next on the Hit List. So, what the people want, we deliver!

So let's finally get this party started, shall we?

Lolita's Initial Take Off:

Not much can be said for Miss_LolitaF's start on Stardoll, but pushing through the unknown, it seems that Lolita began this account claiming that she was in fact a 30 something year old woman, now I'm not going to tell you this is fact, even though I believe it, it's not fact and I can't prove it. But its a theory and I happen to believe is true. You decide what you will.

After posting various "real life" pictures of herself and posting random stories about her life, Lolita finally settled on going by a young teenage girl named Lolita, living life in the windy city itself, Chicago.

Known as the biggest famewhore of all Stardoll history, or at least she should be, Lolita had some pretty humble beginnings as most people do. Lolita's first blogging works I could dig up was her short termed time at a one time popular blog known as The Stardoll Insider.

But of course this arrangement didn't take too long to blow up in Lolita's face. Unfortunately for her, it seems that she was fired for using "offensive language" such as using "gay" as an insult, and frequently told users to "Fuck off" and called people "Bitches".

Let's be honest here, no ones surprised. Lolita has a habit of using strongly worded language, but what made this tidbit especially delicious, was the fact that the one thing that infuriated most of the readers of TSI about our dear Miss Lolita, was the topic she posted begging for people to vote her Covergirl. Hmm. Does that sound familiar to anyone? I'm not sure if you recall a certain, fairly recent, drama about this same exact thing. Maybe this will refresh your memory.

Anyways, after asking for her job back, the TSI owner posted a poll asking if she should hire back Miss_LolitaF, which was wiped out with a whopping 73.7 percent of 2,707 voters decreeing "NO! GO AWAY!"

But if only it were that easy. Read this certain article here and make sure to read those 400 plus comments, they're very entertaining.

But if you know Lolita, you should know that she wouldn't stop after being fired from TSI, she would become famous-somehow.

The Nightmare Begins.

Trailing her movements as best we could, we find the next big move Lolita mades, was publishing her fashion magazine--Lipstick Magazine, which she co-owned with bestie, filipinhamaria. Now honestly, we are quiet baffled by this of the main tipping points in stardoll's demise and Lolita's rise was a certain interview that itself posted on the site, calling our sweet Miss_LolitaF an icon! Hefty praise, and with all this lining up we have to wonder...Wtf stardoll?! Does Lolita have some heavy blackmail on you or what?

Quickly gaining the attention of the stardoll community, Lolita basked in the spotlight as users gravitated towards her, hoping for a sprinkle of fame from the newbie, a fresh face in a sea of has been Elites. Lolita quickly took her chance, tossing aside Lipstick Magazine, Lolita made her face known on big blogs, becoming fast friends with the MSM clan and appearing on SMW. Lolita launched herself into her next gimmick--or project, which ever you'd like to call it. Big Brother Stardoll.

Promising fame and Elitism to its lucky 18 contestants, Lolita got the attention of several big names after publishing ads-I mean posts, on blogs like SMW and getting her new buddies down at Underneath Stardoll to support the blog, Lolita garnered quite an audience, and even more surprising snatched a job at the lovely Perez Hilton of Stardoll .

Lolita, famewhore?!

This is the part where I fake a gasp of surprise and faint on my keyboard.

Yes, in fact, if the poor gullible stardoll community hadn't noticed it yet, after gaining her position at Stardolls Most Hated, Lolita quickly proved her true colors. Post after post of shamelessly promoting herself through the blog, Lolita's name grew and grew, as did curious followers, watching her every move.

Including a certain monkey--oops, I mean a Baya, that everyone loves to hate.

As soon as Perez handed control over to Baya Nikolas (R.I.P Perez Hilton of Stardoll), Lolita was swiftly and severely cut off from the blog. Yes that's right. Our shameless famewhore was called out on her whoreish ways and was fired! Now we drag a dirty little feud, squirming, out in the light.
Obviously, seeing that Baya and Lolita weren't the best of friends, it became open war between the two glory hungry "women", both trading blows, Baya quickly pointed out that Lolita had also been fired from her job at SMW for doing none other than...shameless advertising for her own advantage.

Baya also revealed that Lolita had proved her true famewhore colors to her by paying Baya with a SS Code in exchange for Baya writing about Lolita on her blog EliteNews. Now if that doesn't prove that she's a famewhore, then frankly, you people are dense.

Slammed continuously for her ways, Lolita left those two blogs behind her, left in the wake of her destructive ways, Lolita went forward, her nose held high as she walked the way of shame. But did you really think that would be the end of Lolita? Really? Of course not.

Lolita's Leaving Fiascoes.
Handing BBS over to her one time BFF, kxcatarinaxk/BrunoExclusive, Lolita decided to spread her wings and stand on her own two feet, quickly "resurrecting" an old project of hers. And so started Lolita's totally original blog, The Stardoll Shiner . Despite the stupid name, Lolita forced her blog into the spotlight constantly advertising and demanding--asking people to join her blog, Lolita raised the blogs follower count as high as she could make it go, crushing everyone and everything that got in her way. But that didn't last too long, because shortly after raising the blog as high as she could muster, Lolita abruptly deleted her blog posts, all of her friends, and left a beautiful message on her presentation:

Yes, "Goodbye Stardoll..."

Could it have been true?! Did Lolita truly leave?! One could only dream such pleasant things. In fact Lolita abandoned stardoll so quickly because of two other anonymous bloggers the created the blog "The Real Lolita"

After downplaying the whole site for a month, Lolita silently and secretively slipped away from stardoll after the blog posted her 'secret' on the internet.

That secret was that, truthfully, Lolita was in fact lying to everyone.

Surprise surprise, what a shocker. Despite telling everyone of her glamorous life as a high school teenager braving the cold Chicago city, it appears that one of these girls friends had tracked Lolita's IP address, placing her directly in a little place called Albania.

Following Lolita all the way to her address and apparently her father's name, Lolita disappeared shortly there after, only confirming the story to the rest of the stardoll world.

If only she had stayed that, dear old Lolita came crawling back to stardoll unable to resist the call of her newly founded Elite Lifestyle, officially dubbed LOLita was returned to her famewhore ways after less than 24 hours.

Retaliating to the accusations posted on the Real Lolita site, Lolita claimed that her "friend" (scapegoat) had been on her account, and what do you know! Her friend was from Albania. But never fear! After receiving adoubtful reception to this news, Lolita quickly made sure that she "came clean" and told everyone that she was in fact born in Albania but she ALSO had moved to Chicago.

Which totally explains why theres a HUUUGE wire across the world connecting to her old computer back home in Albania.

Quickly pushing the controversy behind her Lolita jumped on board the Star_Awards comeback train, co-hosting the upcoming awards, Lolita rubbed elbows with several bigger Elites desperately grasping for good press. But barely a month later, look who's leaving again? You guessed it! Lolita left a notice on TSS about her second departure, deleting her account for about...two seconds, before quickly reactivating it but making sure this statement was released: "
Sometimes we need to move on and that is what I am doing now.Stardoll ain't that much worthy so I dedicate to it a lot of time, I am not going to spend anymore my time, my positive thoughts, my money, my everything for Stardoll."

But merely four days afterwards Lolita started interacting with her "friends" on her formspring, anybody remember a little naughty Lolita telling someone to go kill themselves?

So of course Lolita came back, and inspired by her reaching her 4000 starpoint hairstyle decided to run for National Covergirl. Again. More drama ensues, which is actually rather boring and tiresome. Really, there's a pattern.

"Famwhore it up...I WANNA BE COVERGIRL....famewhore it up..."VOTE ME COVERGIRL" really, are any of surprised anymore?

Miss_LolitaF is the epitamy of Famewhore.
After being dropped from the StarAwards, Lolita opened up her fashion line Lieve by Lolita. Lolita kicked off her new line with a bang, constantly badgering people to go buy her overpriced outfits, Lolita racked in the starcash , cackling, we're sure, behind her computer screen.

Withdrawing from the rest of the stardoll world, Lolita resides with her Elite "friends" ruling with a self righteous attitude, Lolita has been slowly fading away from Elite existence, with Lieve by Lolita and a writing spot at MDM in her clutches, I truly hope everyone has stopped caring about "Lolita" or whatever her real name is.

With no drama going on (despite a slight betrayal of her onetime friend Bruno) Lolita's been away from stardoll for awhile. While your famewhore ways will always be with stardoll, we pray that you will fade away into merely a nightmarish memory that will hopefully but n doubt, very slowly be erased from everyones mind. If there was one thing we could say about Lolita, it's that we're pretty sure no one will be able to top her ridiculous antics.

At least we hope not.

In closing, I truly hope that people who still bought all of Lolita's lies can finally take a fresh look at reality and realize what kind of a person Lolita truly is. With all her fakeness, one can only assume that most of you already saw what kind of a person Lolita was all along.

But truly I hope that this article conveys how extremely little we care about Lolita. When given chances over and over again to prove herself, this girl only proves how annoyingly right we were all along about her.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Dear Emorox4eva,

Emorox4eva aka Jenna.

What can you really say about this girl? She's been called many things, a sweet girl, great friend, wonderful when you get to know her--STOP. Problem.

How many times have I read or been told that someone's sweet or nice or awesome when you get to know them. I don't care if you're the pope, if you act like a bitch, walk like a bitch, and talk like a bitch, chances are people, I'm gonna call you a bitch.

It seems that Jenna suffers from the same tragic disorder as the MSM clan, lack of human emotion. Somebody get this girl some oil - STAT! - the Tin Woman is rusting and no amount of adoration will grease her joints enough for her to actually show some compassion to those who see her as an "icon." After all, she was in our position once wasn't she? Or so she claims.

I must admit, I feel a pang of sympathy when I write this, because honestly, I've never actually met Jenna. I don't know her. So everything written above this paragraph might be true. Although, everything we write is based on the public information most "normal" MeDolls are given. Jenna, you could be given a damn humanitarian award for all I know, nonetheless, it does not change the cold hard truth. You act like a bitch.

This post might not be too long, because there's nothing extremely dramatic with you, Jenna. Despite proving the exact definition of what an Elite is, you haven't done too many things... that I can find... that paints you as anything too negative. In fact I truly congratulate you on the success of your blog-Stardolls Most Wanted.

But remember, my dear heartless Jenna, just because your blog has more than 3000 followers doesn't mean your the best person in the world darling. You're little more than lucky it seems. As I recall you kicked off your blog by offering money in competitions, drawing people in with the promising of winning grand prizes, rather smart. You really did, you successfully pulled off one of the first big blogs there ever was. Oh, how I love a good bribe! We're not against what Jenna did at all really, many respectable blogs use prizes and competitions to boost themselves and we're fine with it. But even so, some may see it a different way.

So whether people consider it was a bribe, or just good business, the fact that you have become so popular has led other younger users to your doorstep, begging for scraps of attention. You quickly snub them-why? Are they not important enough? Are their blogs not popular enough?

I can't count how many times reviewing your page and your blog that comments and desperate calls from other users begging for you to give them some sort of sign that you paid attention to them. While it appears that you don't intend to trample on other people's spirits with your apathy towards others the fact is that you do.

Don't get us wrong, we're not asking you to be friends with every single user that leaves a guestbook comment, or tries to friend request you, we're not saying you need to be best friends with all your readers. But how about letting a peek of compassion show through your emotionless mask?

Until you can manage to show people outside of the "Elite Circle" that you're a genuinely nice human being, we'll always perceive you as the heartless entrepreneur that your public image displays.


*Update.. like we needed another example of your bitchiness. Something to work on girl.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dear ElitesExposed aka AislinVictory,

I think we're all familiar with a certain member who recently bitched her way into the spotlight.
Once one of the "hated" anonymous bloggers writing as ElitesExposed, she recently forced her way into the spotlight with her blog...ElitesExposed.

Quickly however, several problems arised with this particular blogger, one of which was the grand reveal of her true account AislinVictory, rather soon into her "career".

Problem number one.
Why were you anonymous?
Let's see, for most people, being anonymous is due to the fact that they're wimps, too afraid to show their faces--more than likely due to the fact they're afraid that their own chances of being apart of the "Elite" would quickly vanish. Then we have people like, hmm, let's say EliteRevolution, taking the stance against the perversion of Elitism thats taken over our stardoll world, we hide who we are so that people will care about WHAT we say, not WHO we are. Is that why Ms.Victory went anonymous? I highly doubt it.

In fact, its plain to see that AislinVictory did the EXACT OPPOSITE of why we stay anonymous.

Let's take a look at her track record--the quite honest truth is that no one even heard of this chick before she revealed herself as the ever so honest ElitesExposed. Of course, that would be because the selfless and Elite hating Aislin was in fact using her blog to shoot herself into stardom. There is no possible or rational reason why you would switch from anonymous to revealing yourself so quickly, now is there?

Lets not forget that you revealed yourself AFTER you had caught the attention of such "high ranking" Elites as Noelle_page, and Baya-EliteNews, after a certain SOMEONE posted a lovely article on the, for some reason popular, site known as Memoires of a Medoll. Which brings us to problem number two.

A Thinly Veiled Desperate Lunge for Fame
Although creating your account to supposedly expose Elites and their awful ways, we're fairly sure that its visible to most smart people it was simply a ploy. A ploy to get your name out there, to make a reputation for yourself, by creating and starting something that people would remember you by, get them interested enough to visit your suite.

But making another one of the anonymous bloggers in a sea of idiots was going to be hard to stand out, but devious little Aislin, why you thought of a rather clever scheme! Maybe it went down like this...

"Hm...I can use my supposed best friend for her position at MDM to POST about me, make me known! Maybe she can even bring it up with her new Elite friends...then they'll have to pay attention to me!!"

Or maybe not. Honestly I don't care.

Maybe it even went down that Aislin wormed her way into the black hearts of the Elites who then hatched a plot to make her as popular as them. I mean its not impossible, look how quickly she won over several big named Elites that stink up the cyberworld?

It comes down to the fact that AislinVictory is nothing more than a famewhore, who quickly snagged jobs at sites like TylersTopTrends, raking in Elites to support her original site ElitesExposed, all the while seemingly fighting against Elitism while obviously sinking deeper and deeper into exposure, clinging on to any chance for attention.

Aislin's Pathetic Posts
Though Aislin has been praised throughout her blogging career by Elites like Noelle_page, EliteNews, BrunoExclusive, that girl thats name has to do with mint bubble gum or something, Aislins post were quite to be frank--sad.

While we wait hoping for a good honest post, Aislins posts proved nothing but a asskissing device for Elites she promised to expose.

It seems the only Elite she actually took a stance against was Jenna- Emorox4eva, pummeling her for her bad attitude, (although its something on which we agree on), in the end stating that it was basically her personal opinion, and this was probably acquired after being snubbed by Jenna sometime in her attempts to become cyberly famous.

Other than praising herself and her bestfriend, Aislin did nothing but put out posts that hopefully got her in good graces with Elites, and supported them, such as her little stories, which however were well written, were nothing but a fanfiction for the Elites, Aislin then went on to make posts that praised peoples fashion taste...of course with the acception of Jenna.

While critiquing someones fashion is very acceptable in our book, the fact that you took it upon yourself with your fashion taste? Sweetie. We know everyone has different taste, but where did yours go? Out the door with your integrity?

AislinVictory is a Famewhore
It's really obvious and plain to see for people who aren't fooled easily. After all her posturing and "tough act" Aislin is simply another one of the girls who felt rubbed the wrong way by Elites, probably while desperately trying to become an Elite. With a bad attitude, annoying way of trying to make herself look bad, Aislin has proved nothing to EliteRevolution except that she really needs to just fade away.

We congratulate you, really, Aislin, on taking a stand against SOME of the Elites ridiculousness. Even if it all was just pretend, take our advice and do us all a favor and take a step back, let your fakeness die down and fade away into the cyber obscurity that you came from.


Dear EliteNews,

EliteNews ( ih-leet-nooz )
definition: (1) Someone who craves the spotlight. Usually this person has no talent to begin with. which makes it all the more horrid (2) An individual who is willing to do anything, regardless of how humiliating or demeaning, to achieve notoriety.

Was that introduction too subtle? EliteNews = Famewhore. Simple as that folks! As "insulting" or "degrading" this may be to Baya, we're just stating the facts.

Seriously, the amount of projects on her presentation alone screams "I WANT YOUR FULL ATTENTION!" not "Gosh, I'm so hardworking and talented."

Let's look at what the "Bad Ass" herself has accomplished in the past two years. Entering 2011, Baya Nikolas has safely tucked away the most boring and unimportant projects we've ever known.

Such as her Elite Entertainment group, her personal blog, Elite Fashion, Elite News, and for the biggest travesty, Baya Nikolas is in control of the once great Perez Hilton of Stardoll.

Once the greatest stardoll gossip blog, Perez Hilton reached its untimely and slow -not to mention, hard to watch - death. Under the guidance, or misguidance rather, of EliteNews the blog has become a cesspool of anonymous comments all agreeing on one thing. Stardolls Most Hated is one of the biggest has been faded out failures of a blog on the web.

Lucky enough to have two or three posts a month, Perez Hilton under Baya's flag has sank to the bottom of the Who Gives a Shit pool faster than Baya herself.

Has Baya died? Or is she really just that pathetic? Most say that Baya got a life, but we refuse to believe it. Someone who started out with a fake gossip blog, supposedly anonymous of a big important Elite account (not at ALL like PerezHilton herself), we simply cannot believe that bored and desperate for attention would ever be capable of getting a life outside of this cyber world.

With her ill-begotten Diva attitude, and false sense of power, Baya's whining famewhore acts annoy us the most.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think Ms. Priss wasn't held by her Momma enough as an infant? Well, I suppose that wasn't very long ago was it, people like that change. Into serial killers and suicide bombers.

This is one chick that no one can really wrap there head around her popularity. It's not like she's this incredibly devoted writer, hell, she ain't even some genius entrepeneur! A monkey could do her jobs! Actually, on second thought, that would explain a lot! Has anyone ever web-cammed with this "chick" ?!? Our next mission has been revealed!

Personally, we would feel much more comfortable knowing a monkey is the owner of that "great mind."

As if analyzing her intentions, intelligence & insecurities weren't enough, let's continue on to her actions. With all the drama she's been surrounded by since moving into Dollywood, how can anyone truthfully support her intentions, intelligence & insecurities. It seems those "Friends" sooner than later become her enemies, her traitors, her personal army of exes that seek to destroy her. Suck it up Drama Queen. Your pitiful attempts to lash out are only a reminder to fellow Stardollians of what a joke you are.

Our best wishes to you Baya, that your DNA test proves to be of the primate species, the human kind that is.


Dear MSM.

User(s) in question: M_Themis, Mirka_17 & SuperOh

Initial claim to fame: Underneath Stardoll
These 3 greek adantes have proven themselves to be go-to gals in the Stardoll/Blogger dimension, but in a conflicting revelation, they've also been proven to be, well, normal. drab. mundane. Just plain nothings. So why the Special Attention & Diva-like Attitudes? Here's what we have to say. "MSM" are nothing more than an uncreative pack of snots who are famous for knowing the once "top secret" spoilers. Every other segment they "created" on USD are shams. Ideas stolen from other lesser known Stardoll websites. Any other "project" they've become apart of was simply so the project owners could use the publicity.

Sure, they hold the "competitions" to get the readers more involved but also to manipulate them into thinking they actually give a shit and are "appreciative". If you notice, all of those "spectacular & incredibly generous" prizes were NOT offered from the goodness of their hearts and did NOT come out of their own pocketbooks. (Which are without a doubt, LOADED!) Not a single one. All were donated by readers. Why are we doing their goodwill?

Anyone trying to become a associated with them media-wise, give up. Lesser known sites hold no place in their cold cyber hearts. Pity. Because those blogs are where all the hard work & dedication call home.

Ask to be their friend? Sure, if you're lucky they'll probably add you. But they have no intentions on actually getting to know you. The people they're interested in being friends with must be apart of the exclusive "elite circle", no one normal interests them. Why would normal people interest them. Why should they give a rat's ass about their fans, followers & readers? Fans, followers & readers are the ones who buy their USD merchandise, we read their blog, we're the ones who catapulted them unto fandom to begin with. They're somebody. Normal souls are nobodies. Nothing. Go on, try and become their friends. Prove this article wrong. Yeah. That's what I thought. How many people have already attempted this in the past?

They were wrongfully assigned as stardoll role models & inspiration leaders. Ask yourself this, all the support people have given them, would they be as supportive and bend over backward for you, like you would gladfully do for them? No.

Self-centered bimbos with the login to USD is what they are.

Wake Up Dollywood! It's time they got a swift kick in their lazy asses and got up to do things themselves for a change.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Watch for us

Here's another post for you, darlings.

For a small update, the Hit List has been officially set down in stone, Dark Horse and I will be alternating posting the Hits on this blog...

Oh, and before I forget, we've decided to add on a new type of Hit List as well...but you'll have to wait and see what that is.

And don't forget to keep voting in the poll, and commenting on who you want to see on the Hit List. And remember if you have anything you need to tell us, contact us through the Speak Now page, it's time to stand up and let the Elites hear what you all know you've been dying to tell them.

-Veiled Beauty

Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Beginning...

Some of you may be wondering what The Elite Revolution is all about.

Let me make this simple for you, we're sick of it.

We're sick of the entitled attitudes the current Elite's own, we're sick of the overblown egos. Its time someone took this serious Dollywood World issue to heart, and made a difference.

We're sick of reading comments and whining blogs about needing new Elites, but they do nothing about it.

It's time to shake the Stardoll world, its time to for these pathetic excuses for "Elites" to disappear into the cyberworld with nothing left to their names.

We're here to start The Elite Revolution, to post everyones true opinions of these dinosaur Elites. Since most of you are afraid of crossing one of them, we're here to do it ourselves. We'll post what everyone is thinking.

The Elite Revolution's one goal is to open the eyes of Stardoll users around the world, its time to end the current Elite Depression.

And so begins the Revolution.

NEW: Posted a poll, vote for our first target. Who's on your Hit List? And who should be on ours? Comment below.