Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dear MSM.

User(s) in question: M_Themis, Mirka_17 & SuperOh

Initial claim to fame: Underneath Stardoll
These 3 greek adantes have proven themselves to be go-to gals in the Stardoll/Blogger dimension, but in a conflicting revelation, they've also been proven to be, well, normal. drab. mundane. Just plain nothings. So why the Special Attention & Diva-like Attitudes? Here's what we have to say. "MSM" are nothing more than an uncreative pack of snots who are famous for knowing the once "top secret" spoilers. Every other segment they "created" on USD are shams. Ideas stolen from other lesser known Stardoll websites. Any other "project" they've become apart of was simply so the project owners could use the publicity.

Sure, they hold the "competitions" to get the readers more involved but also to manipulate them into thinking they actually give a shit and are "appreciative". If you notice, all of those "spectacular & incredibly generous" prizes were NOT offered from the goodness of their hearts and did NOT come out of their own pocketbooks. (Which are without a doubt, LOADED!) Not a single one. All were donated by readers. Why are we doing their goodwill?

Anyone trying to become a associated with them media-wise, give up. Lesser known sites hold no place in their cold cyber hearts. Pity. Because those blogs are where all the hard work & dedication call home.

Ask to be their friend? Sure, if you're lucky they'll probably add you. But they have no intentions on actually getting to know you. The people they're interested in being friends with must be apart of the exclusive "elite circle", no one normal interests them. Why would normal people interest them. Why should they give a rat's ass about their fans, followers & readers? Fans, followers & readers are the ones who buy their USD merchandise, we read their blog, we're the ones who catapulted them unto fandom to begin with. They're somebody. Normal souls are nobodies. Nothing. Go on, try and become their friends. Prove this article wrong. Yeah. That's what I thought. How many people have already attempted this in the past?

They were wrongfully assigned as stardoll role models & inspiration leaders. Ask yourself this, all the support people have given them, would they be as supportive and bend over backward for you, like you would gladfully do for them? No.

Self-centered bimbos with the login to USD is what they are.

Wake Up Dollywood! It's time they got a swift kick in their lazy asses and got up to do things themselves for a change.



  1. None of that made any sense! Are you sure are okay? I mean do you have a life? Cause it sounds like they do and you don't.

  2. Lol this post is just ridiculous, it made me laugh. You have really no idea what MSM are like, they are amazing! And actually, people knew the spoilers link before USD came along.. so get yer facts right!!