Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dear EliteNews,

EliteNews ( ih-leet-nooz )
definition: (1) Someone who craves the spotlight. Usually this person has no talent to begin with. which makes it all the more horrid (2) An individual who is willing to do anything, regardless of how humiliating or demeaning, to achieve notoriety.

Was that introduction too subtle? EliteNews = Famewhore. Simple as that folks! As "insulting" or "degrading" this may be to Baya, we're just stating the facts.

Seriously, the amount of projects on her presentation alone screams "I WANT YOUR FULL ATTENTION!" not "Gosh, I'm so hardworking and talented."

Let's look at what the "Bad Ass" herself has accomplished in the past two years. Entering 2011, Baya Nikolas has safely tucked away the most boring and unimportant projects we've ever known.

Such as her Elite Entertainment group, her personal blog, Elite Fashion, Elite News, and for the biggest travesty, Baya Nikolas is in control of the once great Perez Hilton of Stardoll.

Once the greatest stardoll gossip blog, Perez Hilton reached its untimely and slow -not to mention, hard to watch - death. Under the guidance, or misguidance rather, of EliteNews the blog has become a cesspool of anonymous comments all agreeing on one thing. Stardolls Most Hated is one of the biggest has been faded out failures of a blog on the web.

Lucky enough to have two or three posts a month, Perez Hilton under Baya's flag has sank to the bottom of the Who Gives a Shit pool faster than Baya herself.

Has Baya died? Or is she really just that pathetic? Most say that Baya got a life, but we refuse to believe it. Someone who started out with a fake gossip blog, supposedly anonymous of a big important Elite account (not at ALL like PerezHilton herself), we simply cannot believe that bored and desperate for attention would ever be capable of getting a life outside of this cyber world.

With her ill-begotten Diva attitude, and false sense of power, Baya's whining famewhore acts annoy us the most.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think Ms. Priss wasn't held by her Momma enough as an infant? Well, I suppose that wasn't very long ago was it, people like that change. Into serial killers and suicide bombers.

This is one chick that no one can really wrap there head around her popularity. It's not like she's this incredibly devoted writer, hell, she ain't even some genius entrepeneur! A monkey could do her jobs! Actually, on second thought, that would explain a lot! Has anyone ever web-cammed with this "chick" ?!? Our next mission has been revealed!

Personally, we would feel much more comfortable knowing a monkey is the owner of that "great mind."

As if analyzing her intentions, intelligence & insecurities weren't enough, let's continue on to her actions. With all the drama she's been surrounded by since moving into Dollywood, how can anyone truthfully support her intentions, intelligence & insecurities. It seems those "Friends" sooner than later become her enemies, her traitors, her personal army of exes that seek to destroy her. Suck it up Drama Queen. Your pitiful attempts to lash out are only a reminder to fellow Stardollians of what a joke you are.

Our best wishes to you Baya, that your DNA test proves to be of the primate species, the human kind that is.


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  1. ROFL!!! I love this post, great job Dark Horse