Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dear ElitesExposed aka AislinVictory,

I think we're all familiar with a certain member who recently bitched her way into the spotlight.
Once one of the "hated" anonymous bloggers writing as ElitesExposed, she recently forced her way into the spotlight with her blog...ElitesExposed.

Quickly however, several problems arised with this particular blogger, one of which was the grand reveal of her true account AislinVictory, rather soon into her "career".

Problem number one.
Why were you anonymous?
Let's see, for most people, being anonymous is due to the fact that they're wimps, too afraid to show their faces--more than likely due to the fact they're afraid that their own chances of being apart of the "Elite" would quickly vanish. Then we have people like, hmm, let's say EliteRevolution, taking the stance against the perversion of Elitism thats taken over our stardoll world, we hide who we are so that people will care about WHAT we say, not WHO we are. Is that why Ms.Victory went anonymous? I highly doubt it.

In fact, its plain to see that AislinVictory did the EXACT OPPOSITE of why we stay anonymous.

Let's take a look at her track record--the quite honest truth is that no one even heard of this chick before she revealed herself as the ever so honest ElitesExposed. Of course, that would be because the selfless and Elite hating Aislin was in fact using her blog to shoot herself into stardom. There is no possible or rational reason why you would switch from anonymous to revealing yourself so quickly, now is there?

Lets not forget that you revealed yourself AFTER you had caught the attention of such "high ranking" Elites as Noelle_page, and Baya-EliteNews, after a certain SOMEONE posted a lovely article on the, for some reason popular, site known as Memoires of a Medoll. Which brings us to problem number two.

A Thinly Veiled Desperate Lunge for Fame
Although creating your account to supposedly expose Elites and their awful ways, we're fairly sure that its visible to most smart people it was simply a ploy. A ploy to get your name out there, to make a reputation for yourself, by creating and starting something that people would remember you by, get them interested enough to visit your suite.

But making another one of the anonymous bloggers in a sea of idiots was going to be hard to stand out, but devious little Aislin, why you thought of a rather clever scheme! Maybe it went down like this...

"Hm...I can use my supposed best friend for her position at MDM to POST about me, make me known! Maybe she can even bring it up with her new Elite friends...then they'll have to pay attention to me!!"

Or maybe not. Honestly I don't care.

Maybe it even went down that Aislin wormed her way into the black hearts of the Elites who then hatched a plot to make her as popular as them. I mean its not impossible, look how quickly she won over several big named Elites that stink up the cyberworld?

It comes down to the fact that AislinVictory is nothing more than a famewhore, who quickly snagged jobs at sites like TylersTopTrends, raking in Elites to support her original site ElitesExposed, all the while seemingly fighting against Elitism while obviously sinking deeper and deeper into exposure, clinging on to any chance for attention.

Aislin's Pathetic Posts
Though Aislin has been praised throughout her blogging career by Elites like Noelle_page, EliteNews, BrunoExclusive, that girl thats name has to do with mint bubble gum or something, Aislins post were quite to be frank--sad.

While we wait hoping for a good honest post, Aislins posts proved nothing but a asskissing device for Elites she promised to expose.

It seems the only Elite she actually took a stance against was Jenna- Emorox4eva, pummeling her for her bad attitude, (although its something on which we agree on), in the end stating that it was basically her personal opinion, and this was probably acquired after being snubbed by Jenna sometime in her attempts to become cyberly famous.

Other than praising herself and her bestfriend, Aislin did nothing but put out posts that hopefully got her in good graces with Elites, and supported them, such as her little stories, which however were well written, were nothing but a fanfiction for the Elites, Aislin then went on to make posts that praised peoples fashion taste...of course with the acception of Jenna.

While critiquing someones fashion is very acceptable in our book, the fact that you took it upon yourself with your fashion taste? Sweetie. We know everyone has different taste, but where did yours go? Out the door with your integrity?

AislinVictory is a Famewhore
It's really obvious and plain to see for people who aren't fooled easily. After all her posturing and "tough act" Aislin is simply another one of the girls who felt rubbed the wrong way by Elites, probably while desperately trying to become an Elite. With a bad attitude, annoying way of trying to make herself look bad, Aislin has proved nothing to EliteRevolution except that she really needs to just fade away.

We congratulate you, really, Aislin, on taking a stand against SOME of the Elites ridiculousness. Even if it all was just pretend, take our advice and do us all a favor and take a step back, let your fakeness die down and fade away into the cyber obscurity that you came from.



  1. I am quite impressed. Impressed by what, though? I am honestly impressed by your ability to bullshit your way those a post as long as this one is. I'd like to attempt to clear up this mess you've mad.

    First of all, the thing that has irked me the most is the fact that you claim I have received job offers from those elites who "supported" Elites Exposed. Namely, Tyler's Top Trends. To set that record straight, I had that job before Elites Exposed was created. Tyler in fact was impressed with my writing skills due to a blog that I, myself own.

    Another thing you've managed to guess incorrectly is the fact that Elites Exposed was created to bring down elites. That was never my intention and it never will be my intention. Unlike you, I haven't a problem giving credit to those elites who truly deserve it. Those elites would be the ones who actually managed to accomplish something during their time on Stardoll.

    Lastly, something that I've heard quite enough is that I did all of this to claim fame. That is ridiculous. Never was I looking for fame when making Elites Exposed and I wasn't looking for it when I revealed who I was. You say that you remain anonymous because you want your words to rise above your identity. Well that is complete and utter bullshit. What sets you apart from every other anonymous account holder? Not a damn thing. You're just as big of a coward as they are.

    And a little side note for the comment about Jenna, yes, I trashed her. I said some awful things about her and that was my mistake. Since recently having a long conversation with Jenna concerning the post I made about her, I realized that she isn't a snotty bitch with a bad attitude. She's actually a sweet person. You're making a mistake as well. Writing posts about people whom you know nothing about and rendering them true because you're an anonymous coward.

    If you want to do some real justice on Stardoll, quit posting this bullshit. You blend in with every other nameless, faceless, cowardly idiot who owns a computer.

  2. Your comment is really meaningless.

    Truly, if someone had gone after fame, and being so tricky as you seem to be, why would you admit that you went after it? We would expect nothing less than you to claim you didn't.

    And truly, Aislin? That is exactly the reason we remain anonymous, and really whether or not you think its bullshit doesn't matter to us darling.

    The fact is that everything you have done in the recent past paints you as a famewhore, and it seems to me your well deserving of that title.

    Your intentions with your blog are your own, we just go off of what we read from it and what it seemed the blog was about. Either way you threatened to "expose" Elites. Was that supposed to be friendly?

    Or perhaps a way to become friendly, with someone for example as Jenna with whom you're suddenly BFFs with.

    Oh, Aislin. Poor little famewhore Aislin. All you've proven is how much more of a famewhore you really are!

    But good luck with everything. Really.

    ---Veiled Beauty.

  3. What exactly would I have to gain from fame? I've made many attempts to point out that fame on Stardoll is completely irrelevant, due to the fact that when you remove yourself from this website, no one really knows of the accomplishments you've made. No one of course, but the thousands of Stardoll members who you're likely to never meet. That is why fame on this god forsaken website never meant anything to me, and it never will. Regardless of what you claim my intentions are. That does not change what my intentions truly have been all along.

    Exactly the point I made above. I and everyone else reading this may truly never know what your intentions with this blog are. Due to the fact that there are good and bad outcomes to every path we choose. You may really being remaining anonymous for whatever bullshit reason you fed me. But who is to know the truth in that?

    I never threatened to do anything. That is how you and I differ. I never threatened anyone with anything. Never have I told a single person that I planned to do something to ruin their reputation, or anything closely related to that.

    Jenna and I are not "BFFS", I hardly even speak to the girl. I was simply stating that you shouldn't travel down the same path that I stumbled upon. Which was making false accusations about someone when you haven't a clue what you're talking about. Which is what you've done to me and I'm sure you'll do it to many others. I, however, only made that mistake with Jenna and I mended that broken bridge.

    I never wrote posts about people because I was jealous of them or hated them for unsaid reasons. I posted my opinion, never claiming it to be fact, on those people that I had an opinion of. Never did I promise that all of those opinions would be bad. Elites Exposed was made for fun. Never did I anticipate it would gain the tiny bit of exposure that it did. You, however, write trashy posts that are clearly written in spite, jealously or whatever other sad and sickened emotions you're pathetically wallowing in.

    I'm not "elite" and I never claimed to be. Nor do I ever want or intend to be. But that isn't something I should be concerning you with because you're not only a waste of my time, but everyone else who has had the misfortune of stumbling upon this trashy, poorly written page.

  4. Oh Aislin, how easily you become upset!

    I wonder, would you really be so defensive and easily angered if none of this were true? I'm not sure if its true, only you know if its true.

    We're not here to tell everyone what your intentions in your heart and what you really wanted to accomplish with your postings, and blogs, and "projects".

    We're here to CALL OUT what you've presented, which is exactly what we wrote as trashy as you seem to think it is.

    You're not Bffs, well good for you for fixing up a screw up. You called out what you believed Jenna was and how she presented herself, and she defended herself.

    How is that any different from this post which you call trashy? Oops!

    I think you just called yourself trashy.

    Look, Aislin, we're going to post what these Elites present themselves as, how they conduct themselves, and we're going to call out their decisions. Whether it hurts feelings, or steps on someones toes, I don't care.

    You need to swallow some of your pride and realize what you've presented yourself as, and that is in fact-no matter what you say, a famewhore.

    SO we shall continue to believe, as long as you act and make choices that present yourself as that. So please, Aislin. Prove us wrong!

    We're not jealous. We are angry, however. We're angry that this form of online bullying is an accepted part of the stardoll community, that these perverse titles and attitudes, and plain bitches you girls or boys are, its become something girls and boys LOOK UP TOO.

    They try to become you, they try to fight and claw and become hypocrites, following the example of people we put on pedestals and urge on.

    So you can call it badly written, you can call us trashy, you can say whatever you feel like saying, but anyone reading--as long as they're not too warped by the internet world--can make a judgement for themselves.

    -Veiled Beauty