Friday, January 21, 2011

Dear Emorox4eva,

Emorox4eva aka Jenna.

What can you really say about this girl? She's been called many things, a sweet girl, great friend, wonderful when you get to know her--STOP. Problem.

How many times have I read or been told that someone's sweet or nice or awesome when you get to know them. I don't care if you're the pope, if you act like a bitch, walk like a bitch, and talk like a bitch, chances are people, I'm gonna call you a bitch.

It seems that Jenna suffers from the same tragic disorder as the MSM clan, lack of human emotion. Somebody get this girl some oil - STAT! - the Tin Woman is rusting and no amount of adoration will grease her joints enough for her to actually show some compassion to those who see her as an "icon." After all, she was in our position once wasn't she? Or so she claims.

I must admit, I feel a pang of sympathy when I write this, because honestly, I've never actually met Jenna. I don't know her. So everything written above this paragraph might be true. Although, everything we write is based on the public information most "normal" MeDolls are given. Jenna, you could be given a damn humanitarian award for all I know, nonetheless, it does not change the cold hard truth. You act like a bitch.

This post might not be too long, because there's nothing extremely dramatic with you, Jenna. Despite proving the exact definition of what an Elite is, you haven't done too many things... that I can find... that paints you as anything too negative. In fact I truly congratulate you on the success of your blog-Stardolls Most Wanted.

But remember, my dear heartless Jenna, just because your blog has more than 3000 followers doesn't mean your the best person in the world darling. You're little more than lucky it seems. As I recall you kicked off your blog by offering money in competitions, drawing people in with the promising of winning grand prizes, rather smart. You really did, you successfully pulled off one of the first big blogs there ever was. Oh, how I love a good bribe! We're not against what Jenna did at all really, many respectable blogs use prizes and competitions to boost themselves and we're fine with it. But even so, some may see it a different way.

So whether people consider it was a bribe, or just good business, the fact that you have become so popular has led other younger users to your doorstep, begging for scraps of attention. You quickly snub them-why? Are they not important enough? Are their blogs not popular enough?

I can't count how many times reviewing your page and your blog that comments and desperate calls from other users begging for you to give them some sort of sign that you paid attention to them. While it appears that you don't intend to trample on other people's spirits with your apathy towards others the fact is that you do.

Don't get us wrong, we're not asking you to be friends with every single user that leaves a guestbook comment, or tries to friend request you, we're not saying you need to be best friends with all your readers. But how about letting a peek of compassion show through your emotionless mask?

Until you can manage to show people outside of the "Elite Circle" that you're a genuinely nice human being, we'll always perceive you as the heartless entrepreneur that your public image displays.


*Update.. like we needed another example of your bitchiness. Something to work on girl.



  2. Lol. Whatever. Line up your examples of me being mean or heartless to anyone who didn't display that attitude towards me in the first place. You people who write these articles really need to stop judging people you don't know because as usual you are way off on any part of my character or intentions. Here's a novel idea maybe you should try asking someone for their side of a situation before you post this nonsense. Oh, but as you accuse me of "bribing " people with the PRIZES from my COMPETITION BLOG/CLUB you try to take advantage of me and who I am to gain your own popularity. Hypocrite much? Apparently when dealing with people like you, one must sometimes be a bitch to stand up for themselves.

  3. Like I said who wasn't bitchy towards me first. My God who can't give people a chance to respond to their messages... You get a lot of messages, you need time to get through them. If my response bitchy...for stating facts in the little space taht we are afforded to respond..oh well. Take it like you want. I'm sure we could find plenty in your own guest books.

  4. Ah, Jenna. So angry! I've said it once and I'll say it again, I don't care about what you personally meant through your actions. I'm not judging or assuming what your true intentions are.

    I'm not going to look at it from your side, and I think I wrote this in the article, I'm sure that you're as wonderful as your friends say you are. I am writing from the basic MeDoll's point of view, explaining to you how you are putting yourself out there, this is how we view you and so do all the other users that visit you and attempt to talk to you.

    I am pointing out and bringing to light the things you present, the way you act, to other people.

    We don't know if it was a bribe. But it certainly was a gimmick. We're not against what you did, competitions and giving away money is a great way for publicity and several respectable blogs do it.

    As I recall I wrote that I congratulate you on that fact, and I truly am admiring of how you've raised a blog into such fame.

    No one says you can't defend yourself, no one said other people won't be bitchy towards you, it comes with the job and title as "Elite"

    But you obviously don't handle things very well, which would probably explain the reason people perceive you the way we do.

  5. Oh, and to respond to your "hypocrite" accusation, we never have tried to use you for popularity. The only time we've ever posted or had confrontation was when we notified you that you had been put on this blog.

    This is what the blog is about, its not "using" you to get publicity, we're not using anyone for publicity and we never will.

  6. First of all I am not and have never claimed to be "elite". I actually despise people trying to put that title on me. It's funny how you presume to speak for the majority of the stardoll population. People who don't like me or feel taht way...well that's there choice. You can never please everyone. There are always people out there like you that have nothing better to do than complain or criticize something. Ah well that's your issue. I have a very simple rule. Be nice to me, I'll be nice to you and that's just the way it is. Oh about the hypocrisy thing....I'm not just talking about me. I'm talking about anyone you talk about. Good or bad. You talk about them to gain popularity/reader for yes your a hypocrite. So again...say what you like, think what you wish. I know the truth and so does anyone who takes the time to find out. I won't bother myself anymore responding or reading this lovely load of crap. It's really quite childish and cowardly to do over the internet.

  7. Whether you claimed to be "elite" doesn't mean you're not one. Just because you don't run around saying "Love me I'm Elite!" doesn't mean you're not included.

    I don't presume to speak for the majority of the stardoll community because honestly I do speak for most of them. I'm not alone, and I've been around stardoll for a long time, I know what the general trend of thought that most "common" users have.

    The people that don't like you witness the kind of behavior we've written about, so I believe that the majority probably don't like you and the ones who are "nice to you" just want to use you for fame.

    Call me a hypocrite all you want, because we both know that its a petty lash back because you feel hurt. What? Did the article hit you the wrong way? Or are you afraid that there's even an ounce of truth in it?

    I don't post these for just readers, I talk to stand up to people like you: people that think that the world should revolve around you and your petty rules. People that can't get a life and stop bullying kids on an internet site.

    This blog wasn't made as a ticket to eliteness, which we despise with a passion, it wasn't made for us to whine and complain about not being famous, it wasn't made for us to talk bad or good about anyone, it was made to take a stand and for once have someone to lead the others, the ones that you people carelessly forget about or mistreat.

    In fact it is because of the current stardoll situation, that 12 year old girls or boys are online swearing, making provocative clothing or magazines, all in an attempts to gain fame and attention, following none other than your example.

    I don't care if you respond, I don't care if you read. Because honestly I don't care about you in any way, because we're sick of it and the longer you stay around just proves our point.

    If it takes me stepping on some big names toes or hurting your wittle feelings then so be it. Someone has to.

    Have a nice life.

  8. To be honest, I think this blog is funny. You can be a bitch in ways that I haven't seen before, and I like that.
    I also LOVE that you're writing all this with near perfect grammar and you write with little empathy. I love your style.

    I have 7 friends that you have put up onto your "hit list," and I think that you could at least let Chloe off. Why? Maybe because she is semi retired from Stardoll. I would have asked you to leave Aislin alone, but I was too late, and that is how I discovered this blog. Well, actually I saw the link in Baya's guestbook.

    I think maybe you should explain why you chose to "hit" these members.

    Also I kind of agree with you AND Jenna about her being elite.
    She's famous, but I haven't seen her walking around like a few people have going "I'm elite, I'm SOOO cool."
    But... Just cause you don't say that doesn't mean you aren't elite. Like, I've never seen Charlotte bragging about her fame before her post on PSG. Maybe you should consider why, besides your blog, people think you're "elite".

    I'm not against anyone here, or on anybody's side. It's just my opinion. If someone has a problem with it, call the cops or something.

  9. I agree with most of what you said Wooldoor, and I also think that this comment let me see a little more what you, personally are all about.

    Thanks for commenting...

  10. Your post and your comments or so laughable and so insane that anyone who buys into them has just as many emotional issues as you do. You talk about people you don't know. I don't know about most of these people but Jenna does nothing but good for the people you claim to be standing up for. Maybe you should get your facts straight before you tear down the wrong people. Anyone who believes her shit is an idiot.

  11. Perhaps you don't understand the point of this blog?

    The entire posts are based off of what Elites have presented to what they refer to us as the "common users", people who aren't considered apart of their community.

    This is how they act towards us and this is how we perceive them. We're not here to make friends, we're not here to play nice or get to know people. We've told everyone and made sure it was stated that if an Elite wanted to express their side of the story, or wanted to explain or defend themselves, then they were welcomed to persuade us otherwise.

    If an Elite makes no attempt to do so, they will be judge and written about as they make themselves seem to the people watching and reading about them. Simple as that.

  12. Wow if I don't answer all comments I'm a bitch? Wow! If I have a life out of stardoll I'm a bitch? It's not her fault that some idiotic girl is so dependent on somebody else's opinion.

  13. They shouldn't have to explain or defend themselves. Who says that is how they perceive people as common. That is apparently how you perceive yourself. You are part of the problem not the solution.

  14. LOL! this Blog is a JOKE! you have targets? what a sad life you must have wanting to cyber bully yourself to happiness.... What a JOKE silly silly little girl, BTW you like calling other girls bitches, But PLEASE Just take a look at yourself.....

  15. Anon#1: I'm sure that if you, searching for an answer, were to ask an Elite a question or tried to contact them--even just to try to become friends and you were snubbed, you'd have a very different perspective.

    Anon#2: If you want to become famous or not, if you are an Elite you do have to explain and defend yourself. If someone is looking up to you then you need to be held accountable for your actions. If thats not how they percieve people that are common then they should come out as Jenna did and defend themselves by proving us wrong. Thats all we want anyways.

    Anon#3: If this blog is a joke why did you waste your time commenting? Yes that makes sense, if what I'm doing is considered cyber bullying and what they do is not, then you have a very skewed perspective. Probably fogged with a desperate want for attention. I never said I wasn't a bitch, I am a bitch.

    Oh, and as a side note I'm 100% sure that every single one of you anonymous commenters have bashed or looked down on other people hiding their identities.

  16. Dear VeiledBeauty...

    Wow. I'm sorry, but this is the perfect example of people wanting something they don't have; the so-called "Elite" title. Ask anybody; Jenna is none of what you've said. If you had hundereds of friend requests, I don't think you'd be able to accept all of them. I get about 3 a week, but don't accept them unless I know who they are. In the same way, she probably gets hundreds of GB comments a day, but do you actually think that she has the time to reply to them all? You can tell that she tries her best, in the same way she does on her blog.

    There's one thing which I actually don't get. Why is it that when someone does something nice, they're a bitch, but when they act like one, they're also one? People like you have actually made it a crime for well-known people to give out PRIZES, or as you call them, "Bribes". Can I just say, not everyone fits the description of your stereotypical elite. This may come as a shock to you, but most of them are actually nice.

    Besides, anybody and everybody knows how much Jenna hates the term "Elite". She's told the whole Stardoll world this a million times. Her aunt was the one that inspired her to do what she does today, not fame.

    One last thing; the Stardoll community bitches about these "Elites", but they're the ones that have given them their status and title. Just pointing that out...


  17. Sara.

    Let me clarify somethings, some things in this post are not really valid anymore because Jenna cleared things up in her recent post on SMW. Which I congratulated her on and I enjoyed reading, and I think everyone can understand what Jenna stands for and hopefully Jenna is what she says she is, and yes indeed that would be different from the stereotypical Elites.

    Your beginning sentence doesn't make sense, if someone does something nice then we'll notice its nice, if they do something bitchy then I'll call them a bitch. Also, I specifically stated in this article:
    "But whether people consider it was a bribe, or just good business"

    and I also said: "We're not against what you did, competitions and giving away money is a great way for publicity and several respectable blogs do it."

    Please read everything before you point fingers and put words in my mouth.

    And I've said this many times before, I personally know that people--Elites, are not always as they seem. But, other users DO NOT KNOW THAT, they see whats on the outside, which is what we're calling Elites out on. We're also pointing out the things that Elites do, or have done that are less than commendable.

    Once again, "anybody and everybody that knows Jenna", key words. The people that DON'T know Jenna only see what we posted above. That was the entire point of this article.

    I didn't turn these girls into Elites, in fact most of the people I see today that are "Elites" have forced themselves, and clawed and backstabbed their way into popularity, and now the stardoll community has to deal with it.

    -Veiled Beauty

  18. VeiledBeauty,

    I didn't necessarily mean you with everything that has been said in that comment. It was mainly aimed at the people that can only ever see the bad sides in people, or those who have nothing better to do than bitch off people better than them.